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I am so excited to launch this new blog and this feels like the perfect day to do so.

Independence Day.

What does it mean to you? For me, it’s not just about kicking the proverbial bottom of the British, it stands for so much more. It stands for freedom, in every way imaginable, but, especially for me, the freedom to not have to conform to a set of societal rules that I don’t necessarily agree with.

It’s an interesting day for me – for one, by birth, I am British, and actually rather proud of that. I am also American, by choice, and very proud of that too. I am an equal lover of tea and coffee, I love a roast beef dinner as much as a hamburger, and throw in a tikka masala and shrimp tacos and I am in heaven – so, as you can gather, I don’t really fix on any one thing.

I came to the United States initially as a student, then found a job here after grad school – I loved so much about this country – the diversity and opportunity and the very belief that is anything is possible. Then, I met my wonderful hubby, we added a dog, then a son to the mix and 16 years after I first arrived, we’re all cozy and settled in Colorado, the most beautiful state imaginable.

So, what’s this blog all about?

It’s about freedom. I have a hard time conforming to anything and an equally hard time dedicating myself solely to one single thing. I am a multitasking, jack-of-all trades by nature. I love new things, new places, new foods, new ideas, new adventures, but, I also love a traditional element of life. I love being home, settled down with a great book in front of the fireplace whilst it snows outside. I value time with friends and family, I love comfort foods and visiting familiar places.  I have a passion for small and home-based business and I relish a great deal or money-saving opportunity. Science is huge for me – after gaining a PhD from a rather posh, shall-remain-nameless-for-now university, I love to research. I like everything backed up with oodles of data, but, I also relish the challenging of assumptions, finding connections and solving problems.

So, in a nutshell, this blog will attempt to cover anything and everything! I do hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the journey as much as I will sharing it with you.

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