How To Get To Moraine Lake

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If you’ve ever considered visiting Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, you’ll have heard of Moraine Lake. It’s probably the most photographed lake in the park and beyond – for good reason – it’s breathtaking.

Moraine Lake is a challenge to reach.

It’s situated approximately 15km from Lake Louise village, at the end of a road, that, once the car park is full, closes. You can’t even drive up to see if a spot might have opened up – and the recommendation is to get there before 8am. We arrived at the intersection at 8am on a summer morning and the road was already closed. Fearing we might have missed our chance to see this amazing natural beauty, we headed up to Lake Louise instead and that didn’t disappoint either, but, we made a point to talk with a staff member there.

We got the best tip on how to get up to the lake if you arrive after the road has closed!

My husband had searched all over the internet for this information and found very little, other than a park-operated shuttle that operates for a few weeks in Sept/Oct, presumably for the fall beauty. Information on other transport options seemed patchy and unreliable, not promising for our one day to visit.

The park employee told us that if we went before 10am, we would be able to park in the overflow lot  – located approximately 5 km BEFORE the Lake Louise exit off the Transcanada Highway 1. From this lot you can find 2 shuttles – one to Lake Louise, another to Moraine Lake. They’re operated by a private shuttle company, but, for $15 per adult and $10 for children, you can ride a bus up to the lake – this was the cheapest option we heard of. The shuttles return every 15 minutes until the last one at 4.30pm. There is no fee to park.

This breathtaking view is worth the cost, wouldn’t you agree?

moraine lake, banff national park, lake moraine, alberta, canadaYou can view the lake from the shore, or, take the short trail, consisting of substantial, stable rock steps to an overlook, where it gets even better.
The lake area itself has restrooms (free to use) as well as a lodge with café and a gift shop. You can also rent canoes and take to the water! Be warned though – the cost to rent a canoe is $110 per hour and the snacks and drinks are also pricey, so, if you need water or snacks and don’t have a personal trust fund, it’s probably best to pack your own!

Tip – if you use the shuttle, if you show your stamp to the cashier, you’ll receive 10% off  your purchase!

Have you been to beautiful Moraine Lake?

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