Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on Tools For Glass Artists

I LOVE Amazon’s Prime Day deals – such a fun event and a great way to make that purchase you’ve maybe been on the fence about – then along comes a great deal….

Aspen Stained Glass, Tools for Glass Artists

Last year I got an Instant Pot (and yay, they’re on offer again this year!) – I’d been kind of wanting one, after hearing so much about then from friends who were already converts. The problem in my case was that I was fighting past ‘trauma’ created by my mum’s over-pressured veggies, done in the traditional way – on a stove.

Anyway, I gave it a go and it is now my ‘go to’ multiple times per week, especially for my mashed potato/carrot/onion combo and great Spanish rice recipe I found. Just 20 mins, without me having to supervise in the way I would need to with a pan. No regrets on that purchase for sure, and it was a bargain!

This year, Amazon Prime Day is / was 15/16 July. I am still browsing through the deals – today I am going to find a few new books to read, since I am re-reading a few old, but good ones.

I was thinking about my great deal last year, and my handmade glass art business – and wondered which tools for glass artists they might have on sale. Glass studios can be really expensive, and it’s always great to save some money on setup.

Which Tools Do Glass Artists Need?

Glass Cutter

You will need one of these – and this pistol grip cutter is a steal at over 60% off! This type of cutter is super comfortable and you can put cutting oil in the handle, if you choose.

Waffle Grid

This is a 6 pack, at over 20% Prime Day savings. These grids are for cutting glass on – the little grids catch all the tiny pieces of glass that you generate during cutting and are essential. A 6 pack saves you money, and allows you to build a configuration to accommodate cutting larger sheets of glass

Copper Foil

If you do stained glass, and the Tiffany method, copper foil will become a staple for you. You will end up with a collection of different widths for different thicknesses of glass, as well as differing adhesive backing colours for opaque and clear glasses. Amazon also has some of that on sale this Prime Day!

Soldering Iron

Alas, I could not find my pick for a great soldering iron in the Prime Day deals, but this is a great everyday deal from Amazon, at almost 20% off. Soldering irons for glass work should have a variable temperature controller and have at least 50W. Hakko irons are awesome, it’s what I use myself.

These are just a few of the essential tools for glass artists to get started with your new stained glass setup! Happy shopping! Did you find any great Prime Day deals this year?

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