Hello! (It helps if you say it in a British accent)

Welcome to the page where I talk about myself – which, I’ll be honest, isn’t exactly the easiest for me to do, it’s a British thing.

Let’s start with some of the really important stuff.

I was born and raised in Wales, went to college in England, then left the Motherland for the bright lights of Las Vegas in 2002.
I used to do advanced research on lithium ion battery materials.
I still spell things with the letter ‘u’ and still struggle with substituting ‘z’ for ‘s’, e.g. colour, realise.
I like tea – black tea, preferably in pyramid-shaped bags, with milk and 1 sugar cube.
I also like coffee, with cream, and no sugar and I’m not very nice if my day doesn’t start with at least a couple of cups.
Fish and chips, served in paper, are manna from heaven, especially when drenched in salt and (malt) vinegar.
I am just like James Bond and have multiple passports.
I will never, ever sing karaoke.
I live in the land of corn (aka the United States of America), yet am allergic to it.
I drive a Land Rover – because that’s not a stereotype at all.
We are a family of Blackhawks fans.

Chicago blackhawks, hockey, fans

The brags – all things that make me sound more accomplished.

I went to the University of Cambridge, also spent a couple of semesters at MIT, and I am a doctor (but the only patients I would be allowed to treat are small steel samples, and then by electrocuting them in a furnace full of molten salt).
I recovered my son from an autism diagnosis. Yes, it happens!
I am a small business owner and for my 3rd ever stained glass project, I decided to make 3 large panels, also drawn by moi, for my front door.
I can set a toilet by myself.
I have worked in a remote mining town in Australia and I also survived living in Las Vegas for 4 years.
I married the Air Force equivalent of a Top Gun Instructor (but he’s much taller than Tom Cruise, nor does he jump on couches or believe in very strange things, so I win there too).
I went to a dinner that Professor Stephen Hawking also attended.
I am still a better skier than my 11 year old – right now anyway, but, probably not by next year.

graduation, Cambridge, university, PhD

The weird stuff

I have giant hands, ok, maybe not *giant*, but they’re big. They’re not dainty or pretty and they can stretch an octave +2 on a piano, or they would if I still played.
I don’t like buttons, of the clothing variety. The chocolate variety is always welcome.
I told my son he is allergic to ketchup because the smell and sight of it makes me hideously nauseous. My husband knows this is grounds for divorce if he lets the cat out of the bag before the bird has flown the nest.
I love to buy books and read – and my memory is so bad I can wait a couple of years and re-read books like they’re brand new.
I love doing classes. I’ve done classes (for credit) in anatomy, psychology, organic chemistry (because it was the only chemistry class I didn’t take during my 7 years of university education), epidemiology, plant propagation, logistics, to name a few. You name it, I’ve done it and all after my PhD.

Why would I tell you all this rather random stuff about myself? Because it forms a big part of who I am, what I love, and what drives me – and the topics covered on this blog.

Science and learning
Family and friends
Self-sufficiency and independence

I’m so happy you’re here to follow my ramblings!