About Unaffiliated Living


Welcome to Unaffiliated Living! I am so glad you’re here! My name is Sarah and I am the creator and owner of Unaffiliated Living.

Why “Unaffiliated Living”?

After marrying into a military lifestyle and starting a family, it became apparent very quickly that a flexible approach to life was vital. We never quite knew where we would be moving, and after our son had some health concerns including an autism diagnosis and food allergies, it became even more important.

After settling into our post-military / ‘retirement’ location,  beautiful Colorado, I realized that flexibility didn’t have to go away – there was no reason to rejoin the rat race.

Unaffiliated for me means flexible – flexible income opportunities, family and health approaches and interests. I’ve never found being tied to any particular ideas was helpful, probably as a result of my former research career.  New ideas, adventures and opportunity are where it’s at for me!

Small Handmade Business Became My Passion!

I love the ongoing process of growing my hobby into a small business and I am passionate about sharing that information, so that others can achieve the same!

My handmade business satisfies my creative need and became therapeutic. It also provided additional income for our family to enjoy our other interests, such as travel, and our son’s passion – hockey.

Parenting With Challenges!

After our son’s diagnosis and recovery from an autism spectrum disorder, we continue to manage allergies and learning challenges, and I am always researching and learning. I want to help others through our experiences, what’s worked, what hasn’t and why they’re not alone.